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Kazuma Kuwabara

Spring 2003

Kazuma Kuwabara from YuYu Hakusho

Kuwabara's best english line

Kuwabara's Flash Card

Lupin III

Summer 2003

Lupin III from Lupin the 3rd

It is hard to find good pictures of Lupin himself on line but I will give you the best of what I have

Lupin the 3rd Flash Cards

Some more Lupin the 3rd Pictures

Fooly Cooly / FLCL/ Furi Kuri

Late Summer 2003

A incredibly funny mini series from Gainax.

FLCL Backgrounds -  a few background images I collectd on the net.



Fall 2003


Amidamaru from>Shaman King

Born January 6th, Capricorn, blood type: A

He's a 600 years old ghost samurai. He's Yoh's, they met when he allowed him to take revenge on those who sabotaged his memorial tomb stone. He didn't follow Yoh at first, he had to summon his 600 years old ghost friend Mosuke, who's a blacksmith, so he would forge the harusame again. Then, Amidamaru proved to be a loyal ghost to Yoh and a good friend.


Other Pics and Shaman King Backgrounds

Jet Black

Winter '03-'04


Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop

Jet is a former member of the Inter Solar Systems Police (or ISSP). When he left the ISSP Jet turned Cowboy, getting his hands on a secondhand space trawler and converting it into the Bebop and eventually teaming together with Spike to form a bounty-hunting partnership. Jet frequently resorts to the contacts he established at ISSP to help locate potential bounties. Jet is a throwback to the older, more civilized days when things are taken more slowly and methodically. Jet maintains operations aboard the Bebop, and he's also the ship's cook, when there is food to cook that is. Besides the Bebop, Jet also has his own personal craft called Hammerhead. Jet favorite hobby is his collection of Bonsai trees. Jet is one of my favorite anime characters. He is gruff and blunt but he is very compassionate and caring at the same time.


Other Cowboy Bebop Images and Backgrounds

Hatake Kakashi

Spring '04


from Naruto

Hatake Kakashi: Age: 26
Birthday: 15th September
Occupation: Ninja (Jounin),
Sensei Affiliates: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura.
Origin: Leaf Village Hatake Kakashi, also known as 'the Copy Ninja Sharingan Kakashi', he is a Jounin assigned to look after and train Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto. He is not a member of the Uchiha clan, so you have to assume that his Sharingan eye was attached in an operation - there is a scar over it, and normally the Sharingan effects both eyes. Kakashi is a very powerful Ninja, one not to be underestimated. He is known around the world for his incredible powers. He is rivals with Gai, a fellow Jounin in the Leaf village. They have fought almost 100 times, 50 wins and 49 losses. Gai claims to be stronger...He has a taste for sexy magazines and actually has a sense of humor. It is hard to tell though because he always keeps his mouth and nose covered with his mask. He has the habit of always being late for meetings with his group and makes the lamest excuses, all of which Naruto and Sakura call him on.

Other Kakashi Images


Summer '04


from Naruto

Everyone's favorite over 50 Perverted Hermit.  He is a famous and powerful Ninja.  One of the fabled Three Sannin.  He is partially retired from ninja work now and spends his time writing adult novels of a graphic nature.  Icha Icha Paradise is a favorite read of another ninja from Naruto , Hatake Kakashi.  He trains Naruto in preparation for the chunin exams and takes on responsibility for him afterward.  He is a self-proclaimed Super Pervert and enjoys peeping at women and the occasional grope.  Height:6’3” Weight:193   Birthday: 11/11   Bloodtype: B.  Also known as the Toad Hermit.

More full size Jiraiya Pictures

Jiraiya and Naruto Winamp Skins and One
Background (I made these)

Severus Snape

and the actor who portrays him in Harry Potter,

Alan Rickman

Fall'04 thru Winter '05

Snape Links:

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Rickman Links:

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